Flowbook Revision Mate

Revision Mate is a package containing hundreds of topic-wise short & crisp videos, informatary flash cards & mind maps coupled with gamified quiz experience, all bundled into an SD card or a tablet.

Revision Mate Kit

It contains a SD card, 4 decks of cards & and activation key

SD card & Flowbook app

Plug & play SD card for any android device. The flowbook app provides access to all the videos along with digitised copies of flashcards, Mind-maps & topic wise quiz

Codes on Flashcard    (Scanning)

Each flashcard is loaded with a special topic wise QR code, when scanned plays the desired video within seconds


Cards which contains important points related to respective topic, also a special code when scanned plays the topic within seconds


Every flashcard has a mindmap overleaf which helps in instant revision

Kaun Banega Genius

Flowbook app also provides 4 questions for every topic to test your basic understanding

How Revision Mate Works?


A simple, search friendly way to locate any topic video instantly through the app. This eliminates the need to search and scroll among thousands of topics.


 Visualize and learn every topic with a short & crisp video. Our presenters explain each and every topic in a simple, lucid and time sensitive manner.


Revision through mind maps leave a strong footprint in your brain while synoptic foot notes through flashcards help in retention.


Pocket sized cards which you can carry along with your phone or tablet help in learning anytime, anywhere easily. Strengthen your skills through in-app gamified experience. Repeat the process and start learning and revising the smart way!

Is revision mate only for revision?


It helps to learn faster and revise better

Have a look at the following video to know more

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