Andhra Pradesh SSC Revision Lite For Class7


  • This sealed case contains over 250+ topics which covers the entire syllabus of Science & Maths
  • Each topic is associated with its own super engaging video, flash card, mind map and different levels of thought provoking questions.
  • Each topic has been comprehensively designed to provide clarity in the shortest time possible. We believe that this clarity provided on a consistent basis across every topic shall help in acing the class with confidence.


Class 7 Demo Videos

  • This Revision Lite belongs to Class7 Andhra Pradesh SSC Board.
  • The Sealed Case Contains One SD Card, Instructions & Activation Keys.
  • Chapters Covered:


1. Food components
2. Acids and bases
3. Animal fibre
4. Motion and time
5. Heat - measurement
6. Weather and climate
7. Electricity
8. Air,winds and cyclones
9. Reflection of light
10. Nutrition in plants
11. Respiration in organisms
12. Reproduction in plants
13. Seed dispersal
14. Water
15. Soil - our life
16. Forest - our life
17. Changes around us


1. Integers
2. Fractions, decimals and rational numbers
3. Simple equations
4. Lines and angles
5. Triangle and its properties
6. Ratio - applications
7. Data handling
8. Congruency of triangles
9. Construction of triangles
10. Algebraic expressions
11. Exponents
12. Quadrilaterals
13. Area and perimeter
14. Understanding 3D and 2D shapes
15. Symmetry

How to start using Revision Lite?

Watch the above unboxing video and start your revision lite journey

Unwrap the outer cover and make sure that the seal is not broken. Once you open the case, you will find an SD card along with Instructions, SD Card serial number & Activation key which are required during registration. 

Follow the instructions to install the app on the device.

  • Take out the SD Card and insert that in your android mobile or tablet.
  • In case you don’t have an option to insert SD card you can use OTG cable to copy the contents of the SD Card in internal storage of the device.
  • Go to File Manager and tap on the SD card folder.
  • If you don’t have file manager in your device, you can download ES File Explore app from google play store.
  • Inside the SD Card you will find one folder named “flowbook” and one app named “Flowbook_Student.apk
  • Install Flowbook Student App in your device by double clicking on the apk file.
  • In case you are unable to install the file make sure that Install from Unknown Sources is enabled in your device settings.
  • After installation is complete, click on the app icon & provide relevant permissions to access the app.
  • After Welcome Screens, you will land up at Login Screen.
  • Tap on the sign up button to create a new account on Flowbook.
  • Enter the Serial Number and Activation key as provided in the box.
  • Fill your personal details, your class and board and register as a student on Flowbook.
  • Once registration is successful, you can login using your Email ID & Password as configured during registration.

The landing screen in your device contains list of all Subjects related to your Class. You can browse individual chapters & topics through index mode, or you can straightaway jump to a specific topic using Scan Mode. You will need flashcards & Mindmaps to use Scan Mode.

Get your copy of Flowbook Revision Lite SD Card and explore the Flowbook way of learning.


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