Revision Mate is an educational kit containing SD card loaded with educational videos, physical mind map and flashcards that helps students to learn faster and revise better using the student app.
There are two ways through which you can register yourself for Revision Mate. You can visit https://flowbook.in website and Register as a student. On successful registration and payment confirmation, we will send Revision Mate box to your address with required steps needed to use the kit. If you have bought the Revision Mate box from a shopkeeper/retailer, then you can use the SD Serial Number and Activation Key present inside the box to SignUp using android app and create a new account on flowbook.
Revision Mate will be activated the moment you login with your credentials in android app.
Product wise fees is available in the following link:
Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
Revision Mate contains an SD card that has hundreds of topic wise videos, Hardbound FlashCards, Mind Maps and challenging questions (KBG).
Usual license term for a product lasts for 1 year from the day you book the product.
Contact Flowbook Support Team, they will renew the license for you.
Contact Flowbook Support Team if you want to cancel the subscription in between.
It can be accessed using SD card put into an android phone or tablet which has revisionmate app installed. Same SD Card cannot be used on multiple devices.
Revision Mate has statistics section under which you can check your usage statistics.
Teacher Mate consists of a Digital Class Room containing hundreds of topic wise videos, custom hardware for video projection and a teacher app which helps in efficient teaching during the class.
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