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Flowbook center

Why we thought of Flowbook?

Students need a consistent quality source to learn and fall in love with Science and Maths because frankly schools are not doing a great job! We believe or program will help bridge this gap. We have used relevant technology to make learning a time sensitive and efficient process.

Our Philosophy



Confidence is the tri-product of the clarity of knowing

How much to learn?

How much time it takes to learn?

How much effort it takes to learn?


We created one such model which tracks the student's progress throughout the program since the number of topics are known along with the amount of  time and effort that is required to cover them.

Our Methodology

We believe in measurable outcomes. Thus we have divided the entire syllabus of all classes into individual topics.

This division also makes our program completely flexible such that each student learns parallelly to what is being covered at his/her school.


For eg. We have divided the entire class X Science and Maths into just 420 sub-topics. If a student gains his confidence on a particular topic at Flowbook center, the same confidence will be radiated in the school when they are dealing with that topic. This way we ensure that learning is synergised and the student derives maximum benefit from it.


Each sub-topic has a crisp, concise and engaging video associated with it, that has been developed by our own Flowbook experts. Each video is then embedded into our O.R.D.ER system through a worksheet which forms the foundation of our learning centers.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

The student first observes a short 3 minute video on every topic from the tablet.

The student jots down what they have understood in their OWN WORDS by doing this students not just self evaluate but also help the teachers in helping them better.

The student then lists down his doubts which are resolved by the teacher with the help of teaching ideas. If no doubts are raised teacher will ask questions to engage students in a dialogue about the topic.

After his doubts are cleared, the student is supposed to write down the keywords and key takeaways from every topic.

Students use flash cards with summary points and colorful mind-maps for quick revision and longer retention.

Flash card


Special activity cards

Our special activity cards will provide a context for parents to interact with their kids to pass on their wisdom and experiences which inculcates essential life skills in them.

Flowbook Technology

Finally, all this should be easy to use. We have developed an indigenous end to end technology which makes learning at our Flowbook centers a seamless process.


To give an example, the student or teacher don’t need to go through unnecessary hassles of selecting from index,  the subject, chapter and finally the sub-topic to play the video. They can  avoid all this by just scanning a QR Code.

Meet the Flowbox

We also provide a Flowbox which can be connected to a TV screen. Using which teachers can show and control the videos for a wider audience.

This entire technology is wireless and offline which forms the skeletal system of our Flowbook centers.

The only ingredient missing is YOU.


Every passionate teacher deserves to be known to as many students as possible. We will be there to help you with a marketing strategy for your area and will also provide the required resources  for spreading information about your center to as many people as possible.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5