• What is a Flowbook Center

    A Flowbook center is a technology enabled class run by a Flowbook teacher who teaches students ranging from class 1 to class 10 in a batch of 8 by using FlowBox, Worksheets, FlashCards, MindMaps, Tablets and an App that has multiple topic related ideas and questions.

  • How to register/apply for Flowbook Center

    Click here to start a new Flowbook center in your area.

  • Who all can start a Flowbook Center

    Any Flowbook Certified Teacher who has completed minimum graduation and Flowbook screening process is eligible to start a new center

  • What is a Flowbook screening process and who is a Flowbook Certified Teacher.

    Flowbook Teacher Certification consists of a screening process wherein a well learned person preferrably educated women who is willing to start a new center is evaluated based on a series of tests and quizzes. Only after you pass the certification course, you become eligible to start a new center.

  • What training we will get once we become Flowbook Certified Teacher

    You will be trained on the usage of flowbox, teacher's app, worksheets, flashcards, mindmaps and lifeskill cards.

  • What is the duration of the program?

    The Flowbook after-school program runs throughout the year and caters to students from Class 1 to Class 10. Each student attends three sessions per week which spans for 1 hours 15 minutes. But given the flexibility of our program, it adapts itself to the student's pace rather than moulding the student to fit its predetermined boundaries.

  • Can I attend a demo from Flowbook before starting a new center

    Please fill up this sheet and we will reach out to you.

  • How many students are there in a Flowbook session?

    There are at most 8 students in a batch. We want to ensure that every one of our students gets personal attention.

  • How many students can one Flowbook center accomodate?

    A Flowbook center can accomodate maximum of 48 students divided into 6 batches of 8 students each. Each batch attends 3 sessions spread over alternate days. This implies that a teacher can handle at max 3 batches per day.

  • How many centers one teacher can start?

    One Flowbook center can accomodate one and only one teacher. If you are interesed in expanding your center then please contact us.

  • How much time does it take to start the center?

    Once you enroll as a teacher and your certification is complete, then within 15 working days you will be provided with Flow Kit to start the center.

  • How can a teacher handle so many students at once?

    Flowbook system combined with all the tools which we provide will make teaching hassle free.

  • Why should I start a Flowbook center?

    If teaching is your passion, you can earn while you teach in the comforts of your home.

  • I don’t have a tablet. Will I be provided with a tablet for teaching?

    No tablets will be provided to teachers by Flowbook, but we can suggest you with various options you can go for before buying a new tablet. You can start with one tablet and increase as the number of students increases.

  • Can I avail a discount?

    Early bird registrations and Referrals are eligible for discount.

  • How can students enroll with Flowbook center?

    By contacting a nearby Flowbook teacher or by filling up the registration form.

  • Does Flowbook provide any assessments to the students?

    Yes, Every student is given worksheets based on Flowbook's O.R.D.E.R. system through which Flowbook teacher knows how much a student understood and what needs to be explained more. All of this information is shared with parents on a regular basis.

  • How is Flowbook different from home based tuitions and other

    after-school learning programs?

    Home-based tuitions focus primarily on preparing students for their tests and exams by creating different ways to remember the concepts and completing homeworks. Other after-school learning centres try to teach everything right from beginner to advanced irrespective of if the student needs it or not. Flowbook learning centers focuses on making sure the student understands the why, what and how of each and every concept of Science and Maths that is covered in their school curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.

  • Why was there a need to develop a program like Flowbook?

    Nearly every school-going student learns Science and Maths superficially for the sake of their examinations. It's not their mistake, they didn't get to experience the beauty of Science and Maths to learn them passionately. Every school and board(state/central) knows the importance of fundamentals and they aim to teach children in a fun and interesting manner. However, this is easier said than done. They fail to do so for a wide variety of reasons.

    That is where we would like to fill the gap, the gap between covering the school curriculum and actually understanding the topics. Once a student understands a topic fully to its core, he/she doesn't have to try to memorize it anymore. Flowbook achieves this by using videos, worksheets, mind maps, flashcards and few other tools in a particular way according to our O.R.D.E.R methodology maximizing the understanding of each and every concept in as little time as possible while keeping the process fun and interesting.

  • What is the Flowbook curriculum?

    The Flowbook curriculum combines the three categories. The first category, Maths, is designed to cover the Maths curriculum (of every board). The second category, Science, is designed to cover biology, physics and chemistry (of every board). The life skill cards are designed to give the child a way to apply their newfound knowledge in Science and Maths in real world in form of fun activities and improve their life skills, making Science and Maths a part of their daily life not mere subjects at school.


  • Why should I enroll my child in a Flowbook learning centre?

    Today we live in a very fast world! Our society is changing every day, every minute, every second. We are moving from nano-technology to biotechnology. Science, technology, engineering and Maths (STEM) is a very big part of what students need to have to get a chance at success irrespective of their career choice. Students who have strong understanding in Maths and Science are usually significantly superior than others in terms of creativity, critical thinking, Mathematical ability, analytical ability and logical suites. Our Flowbook program aims to make sure every student has strong understanding of every topic in Science and Maths, while covering his/her school curriculum at the same time, thus making it a perfect program for both having strong foundation and scoring better at school.

  • What is the helpline number for any issues?

    You can drop a mail at info@Flowbook.in or you can directly call +91-9393470644.