"Team work is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results."

Our Story

For the past two and half years, Back to basics has been building a technology-enabled learning solution to enhance the learning experience assimilating all its core values; making learning meaningful, time sensitive and search friendly without compromising on the quality of the content while making it clear & concise.


Over time, Back to Basics has repeatedly modified the approach to the problem several times until we formulated a solution that makes learning Science and Maths interesting and efficient by using techniques that promote curiosity and amplifies retention.


What started as a constant search for smart solutions by one student has taken shape as a company and its flagship product.

Advisory Board


Our mission

Enabling children to reach their full potential by creating a shift from rote learning to meaningful learning.

Creating an opportunity for educated women to earn their respect and financial freedom.

Building strong basics at the academic level which in turn contributes to the development of a conscious individual.

Our Beliefs

We can manage what we can measure and we can measure what we can understand.

Students excel when they are confident. Which is acquired through the clarity of knowing how much to learn and how much time & effort it takes to learn.

Technology is the enabling factor which when put to the right use can transform the way students can learn and teachers can earn.


Start a center

(For teachers)

Srujan Nakidi


Currently the Deputy Commissioner with customs, Government of India; Srujan Nakidi is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai. Before this he has worked with the technology giant, Texas Instruments where he even holds a technology patent on his name. In between, he has also been associated with NABARD.


His key inputs in product and technology development have been huge value additions and have helped us reach where we are today.

J.P Singh

Investor & Advisor

J.P Singh describes himself as a teacher. This humble man is the chairman of Sujatha group of institutions, a 50 year old group in the education domain. He holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from USA and is alsoan alumnus of Manipal.

With his vast domain expertise, he was immediately able to understand the value of our product and even took it a step further by being our first angel investor. On top of all this, he is also a friend who gives us the freedom to explore and execute.

Arjun Reddy


Arjun is a pathfinder in spirit and engineer by degree. He moved from a field engineer in a mega drinking water supply project to cofounding Trio systems once he learnt the tricks of the trade.


The invaluable experience from handling various projects from end to end taught him real people management. Once he exited Trio, he did a  research project with Govt of India; thesis on understanding what success meant to different people.


This helped him understand that, "successful people don't do different things but they do things differently." Rigorous brainstorming made him realize that if kids were exposed to relevant learning tools their path to success in life would become easier.  Thus was born the idea of Back to Basics and its core philosophy, "We can manage what we can measure."


Kartik Guduru


Kartik, a graduate from BITS Pilani, holds a Bachelor's in Electronics and Master's in Mathsematics. Prior to Back to Basics pvt Ltd, he was working with Cisco,  as an ASIC  engineer working on design and verification of next-gen routers.

His experience of teaching for two months in a tribal government school changed his life. It made him a firm believer in the power of education and thus empowering every kid with the right learning tools has become his personal mission.

Shailendra Gupta


Shailendra is a fanboy of everything Tech. An electronics graduate from BITS Pilani, he started his journey with ARM where he worked on creating standard cells, the building blocks of digital electronics. After that, he co-founded an e-governance startup named e-swaraj where he was involved in creating a platform to address civic issues. Later, he also worked with an e-commerce organization to develop an automated mobile testing software for the refurbished goods market.

He is currently involved in revolutionizing the education sector with Back to Basics.