Flowbook learning centers offer an after-school program for students from 1st to 10th grades to make them conscious and confident in Science & Maths.

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Why start a Flowbook center?

If teaching is your passion, you can earn well from the comfort of your house while making a difference and giving back to the society.

We will provide you all the tools to make it hassle free.

What is covered in a Flowbook center?



Life skills

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Why join a Flowbook center?


Flowbook centers offer the most efficient  after school program for Science & Maths. By joining which the students can pursue their passions while still being great at Science and Maths.


We won't just teach you Science and Maths but we teach you the time and yes, we mean the TIME!

How Flowbook is different?

What teachers need is what they get

Work from the comfort of your house while earning your way to your financial freedom, all this while making a difference.

We provide you with extensively researched content in the form of short and crisp videos which form the basis for the entire program while reducing your time and effort on the same.

You get various tools and teaching ideas which make the process hassle free. This way you get  more time to focus on engaging students.

We Grow only when you Grow. As partners we  work along with you to provide all the resources and visibility so that students will start approaching your center.

With the Flowbook app on your phone you can control the entire center at your fingertips. This way, your phone becomes your teaching companion.

What students get is what they need

Each student learns in parallel to what is being covered in his school and our centers pick up where schools have left off. This flexibility ensures that learning is synergised.

All the topics and subtopics are explained in a clear and time sensitive manner using  purpose built videos which are complemented by worksheets. Together, they make learning comprehensive.

By writing what they have understood in their OWN WORDS on a worksheet, students not just self evaluate but also help the teachers in helping them better. While mind maps and flashcards aid in better revision and retention.

Individual attention that students receive from the teacher will ensure holistic understanding of every topic. While, the dialogue between them promotes curiosity and their ability to question things.

Our special activity cards will provide a context for parents to interact with their kids to pass on their wisdom and experiences which inculcates essential life skills in them.

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